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Denver Flat Fee Real Estate Listings

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Learn About Colorado Flat Fee Real Estate Listings 

What is “Flat Fee” Real Estate?

Denver Flat Fee real estate arrangements usually means that you pay your listing agent a set dollar amount (also known as a realtor fee), and continue to pay the buyer’s agent a percentage fee. Essentially it is simply another way to offer a seller a discount on real estate services. Other discount real estate “flat fee” style benefits include home buyer rebates upon completion of the purchase of a home.

Is a Flat Rate Real Estate Service right for me?

I’ve found in my real estate career here in the Denver metro area,  that every situation is different and that the flat rate real estate services model can be a situation where one size doesn’t fit all. I take good care of the buyers and sellers who choose to work with me and help them keep more money in their pocket, but I tend to not use a flat fee structure, and instead mostly use a traditional percentage fee system while offering discounts to my clients on a case by case basis. Either way I make sure my clients walk away with a good deal.

Make Sure Your Flat Rate Denver Real Estate Agent Still Provides Full Service Flat Fee Listings

Here at Top Peak Real Estate, I make sure to provide everyone the same full service even while getting a discount. I agree with the Colorado Real Estate Commission’s restriction against offering straight access to the MLS directly to sellers in exchange for a flat fee, and then walking away and not counseling the seller. All sellers deserve the same level of professionalism and full service care regardless of whether or not a flat fee MLS structure is used.  You can read more about the real estate commission’s position on minimum service requirements for real estate brokers in Colorado HERE

If you are considering using a flat rate real estate service in Denver, be sure to get in touch and talk with me and compare what I can do for you with what a flat fee real estate company can do.  You may be surprised by how much money you can save with the Colorado home buyer rebates I’m able to offer for many of my clients!

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